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I cannot stand Facebook game requests!

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Facebook seriously is an awesome website. It’s great to see what your friends are up to, or even stay in contact with people that live far away. It’s kinda exciting to log in and then see that you have like 10 new notifications. Well, I used to be excited about that at least… I am constantly disappointed by seeing that half of those are freaking Facebook game requests.  I have to admit, I have actually never played a Facebook game yet. But nor do I  intend to start anytime soon.

If you are in my same boat, you will have that one person that sends you a game request EVERY FREAKING DAY. I used to just ignore this, but then my game requests were out of control. There was a lot and it was extremely bothersome. I gave in an sent this person a pretty kind message (with a lot of anger behind it) to stop sending me these requests. Sure enough they stopped….. for a while. A couple weeks later I started to get requests from this person, but from a different game. Instead of asking the person to stop, they are now on my block list.

I cannot stand Facebook game requests! They need to make an easier way to avoid all of that. Unless they do and I don’t know about it…

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What’s more annoying than a “one-upper”?

April 23, 2012 Leave a comment

I love an epic story. Especially when it is told right. I feel like I am a good listener too. And even though someone could be talking to me, a story or event will pop into my mind that I want to tell. I think for the most part, this is common. But there are the others… those who hear your story and decide that they need to top that shit. Why?? Did you really get in 3 car accidents when I just told the story about me getting into two of them? Oh yeah? Did you really eat that whole freaking pan of brownies when I set a record of 5?? These are known as one-uppers. The people who hear a story and then decide to top it with one of their own. Let me tell you about an epic one-up story I had over the weekend.

So a couple nights ago there was a get together at the apartment complex where I live. I decided to stop by to just say hi to a couple of friends that I had there. I ended up staying for a bit and meeting some new people. I happen to join a conversation where someone had just gotten done telling an interesting story about how they had jumped their four wheeler over about 8 feet in the air. As he was finishing this story I happen to glance at someone else who was in the circle whose face said it all. You could just tell he was stoked to tell his story. I could tell that he was a one-upper.

They usually start out with the same, “No dude, wait till you here what I did.” or “You think that’s crazy, well when I was…” or even “You gotta hear what I did when…”. I then had the opportunity to hear that this kid jumped 15 feet. The thing that this kid didn’t realize, was that there was someone else waiting to one-up him. This then started a one-up fest. Story after story kept getting more an more ridiculous. It got to the point where one kid said that he actually got bit by an alligator and then got away. After a good 5-10 min of this one-up nonsense, I decided to chime in. I said in an all serious face looking at one of the guys in the group, “Oh yeah? Well this one time I hooked up with your sister and it was awesome.” I got nothing but silence for a good 5 seconds. I decided that topped them all. I just grabbed my stuff and left.

So to answer the question, what is more annoying than a one-upper? Someone who says they hooked up with your sister, and it was awesome.

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Four Twenty? More like Shmore Bunty!

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

And finally the day has come! The famous 4/20. Where pot heads smoke even more and people who have never smoked try new things. This has always been kinda funny to me. People could smoke almost every day, but when the day lands on 4/20, they rationalize smoking A LOT more than their daily dose. It’s interesting on how this one day provokes acts like this.  Kinda the same with Valentines Day, or Love Day if you will. People feel obligated on this day to show a lot more affection. Probably a lot more sex happens on this day than any other!  We could say the same thing about Halloween and candy or Christmas and buying gifts. I guess what I am getting at is… 4/20 could be considered an off the chart holiday.

Obviously it will never become a holiday as long as the green is illegal. But whether it is legal or not, this day to celebrate the drug has grown more and more each year. I would be interested to see what kind of effect this has on the economy. More money is spent by the people AND government (for law enforcement). I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people tune into the news to see what crazy thing comes up.

So how are YOU going to spend today? Will you bake some brownies? Swing on a chair? Take a bicycle for a ride? Hang out with a banana? As for me,  I will do the exact opposite of smoking (going to see a movie).

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EVERYONE grows to hate this

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Oh how I cannot stress enough how much of a morning person I am not. I have trouble sleeping, so waking up on time proves to be quite the task. For years I have used my phone to “wake me up” and I quite often change the ring tone that wakes me up. Now the reason that I change my ringtone so much, is that I grow to HATE the sound I wake up to.  I think that most people can agree with me on this.

If you are like me, you gottta have ring tones that are uplifting or mellow that I know I really don’t like cause I’ll just end up hating it anyways. What’s cool about waking up to these sounds, is they all mark stages of where I am at in my life. For example, if I were to hear a certain ring tone, my memory would immediately trigger to that time in my life when I was waking up to that sound. I would remember things such as what grade I was in, who I was dating,  or even what kind of friends I was hanging out with. Some of the sounds trigger me right to my mission (those are the best ones).

I would like to experiment on something though. If the sounds that I set for my ring tones I usually grow to hate, then if I set a ring tone that I already hate, would I grow to like it? Does two negatives = a positive? Does a bear shit in the woods? I’ll keep ya posted on my results.

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Why in the world do some people…

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Doing the daily grind is not bad. I am pretty used to having a routine and just getting things done. At times it’s monotonous, but every time this thought comes to mind, I am entertained by someone else’s weird act of the day. Let me give you an example and hopefully you can relate.

This actually happened a few days ago while I was in the bathroom. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I can, I like to use the handicap stall because it’s bigger and I feel like I have a lot more space. The down fall to using this stall at my work, is there is a little crack that you can see out of. You pretty much can tell who everyone is as they walk in and out. I noticed that this guy from another department came in with a bag from Dirty Ron’s (McDonalds).  I should point out, he violated one of the most important rules to the bathroom: Any food that enters in, automatically becomes spoiled. You can no longer eat it. No exceptions. So he brings this bag in and I thought he was just going to set it down and then go to the bathroom, but I was wrong. He comes in and enter the stall next to me. That’s right everyone. He was eating his meal and laying cable at the same time. I seriously felt sick for him. I mean, I could see that happening if you are a little kid and don’t really know too much (I used to take Lucky Charms in with me in the morning) but that is just gross. I wondered if maybe he just really didn’t have time to sit down and eat so he needed to just knock out two birds with one stone. Whatever reasoning he had behind that, it was pretty gross.

I am really sorry if this changes your perspective on eating at Dirty Ron’s. I am a fan of their food, but after seeing/hearing someone munch on a double, I don’t know that I want to be eating from there any time soon. I was however, entertained with the unusual act of the day.

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